Youtube Marketing Optimisation – Part 2

Video Outro

You know how usually at the end of videos on YouTube you see a bunch of related videos?

As a content consumer that is awesome and allows us to discover new contest easily.

But as a video creator – all that does is take people away f rom our videos, reducing the chances of them

clicking through to our site.

One of these gets shown at the end of every video and by using YouTube annotations we can easily

interlink all of our videos, get subscribers and visitors to our site.

Creating Your Own Video Outro

This is where things are going to start getting a bit easier.

One great tool for doing this is Camtasia Studio. Camtasia is an editing software and has loads of functionality and is great for creating and editing video and slide production.

Slide Templates

If you are going to use slides at any point in your videos,  and Camtasia is great for this, you will need a background template to use. This is one of the easiest things to create.

YouTube Video Thumbnail Template

One of the other templates you need to prepare is a YouTube video thumbnail.

If you didn’t know you can now upload a custom image to be used as your videos thumbnail.

This gives us extra opportunities to stand out in the search results and in the related videos sections.


The very last thing you will need to prepare is a watermark to overlay in your videos.

Sometimes you will see my logo in the bottom lef t corner of a video – this is just a semi-transparent

version of my logo saved as a PNG.

Video Resource Preparation Complete!

You should now have everything you need to create great videos that keep people engaged with you and

your content throughout YouTube.

It might look quite daunting at f irst but even a novice can put all of this together in less than a day. And

once you’ve got everything prepared, you don’t have to do it again!

All of these little things add up to create a great user experience f or your viewers but also serve to get as

much value as possible out of YouTube.

Take time to prepare them – you’ll grow much f aster!