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How To Set Up Your Youtube Channel Effectively -Part 2

Signing on -How To Set Up Your Youtube Channel Effectively -Part 2

Once you have created an account, it’s time to sign on. This accomplished by clicking the sign in button. You will then be automatically taken to your new channel and start the set up of your profile information.

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The other way to access your new channel is right off the Google front page. Just click the box and the click the YouTube Icon.

This is where you edit the channel name. It must be a name not initials to be recorded correctly with YouTube.

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 If you want to change the name of your channel you can do this quite easily by editing your name and inserting a business or product name.

Now you can click the edit your picture, edit the name or change the channel to a business name, fill out the required fields, click continue and you are finished.

Now it is time to personalize the channel. These are important steps to getting your channel ready so it will be viewed.