7 Secrets of Youtube Success


Optimize for serial viewing, here is what Google says.

If you create narratives that extend across multiple videos, sweet! But be sure to use these tricks to keep your viewers happy — and not disoriented.

  • Provide context at the beginning of each video. New viewers should quickly grasp that they’re viewing one part of a larger series.
  • Recap previous episodes if possible.
  • Drive viewers to the next sequential video, a trailer, or a playlist using in-video messaging, graphics and annotations.
  • Provide information about the series, its schedule, release dates and links in the video description.
  • Include episode or part numbers at the end of your keyword-driven video title.
  • Your channel should be active; promote new videos and other programming activity without overwhelming your subscribers with too much information. How often you upload and perform other activities can influence what shows up in your subscribers’ Guide, ‘My Subscriptions Feed’ and ‘What to Watch.’ ‘What to Watch’ is a personalized destination for each logged-in user. It isn’t simply a feed of their subscriptions; instead, it surfaces content that’s tailored to their viewing preferences and habits. Viewers can still see all subscription activity through the Guide and My Subscriptions feed.